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by Nasrin Lin  *TW: contains queer slurs golden immigrant child watches the Sunday football game plays pong with his friends in letters and track pants drops a “faggot” at each plop a prepackaged narrative arc golden immigrant child lands jobs at fancy acronyms a bona fide entrepreneur seeks a bitch that cooks and free reign on the n-word using the friend card that doubles as … Continue reading discount silky conditioning lotion for oily skin


by Nasrin Lin  Think about / the allure in being vulgar this walking banyan freak flooded to the brim / a barbiturate-assemblage self-tentacled / goddess of the swamp call me Nüwa / so I can sing myself a song and mold a choir out of recurring dreams / a pillar from the five elements / in my own image transmembering into a song this procreant … Continue reading Dào