Issue 6

Table of Contents

Mercury’s Emperor by James Himberger

Stardust Soul by Meghan Davis

the garden you grew for me by Jonathan Ramirez

I Imagine Carrying a Child by Ivy Lockhart

Lemons by Jordan Rosenberg

To the Government (or whoever masturbates to my mail), by Anonymous

I am by Sarrah Hakimjee

don’t say ocean, say unending blue by Alice Hickson

Dear Vera by Matthew McGovern

Post-outbreak confessionional, January 27th, 2020 by Blane Zhu

Manifesto Destiny by Ivy Lockhart

skinny hurts (sometimes) by Anonymous

Ruins Outside Hamburg by Alex Eliasen

两半的我 by Alex Eliasen

心腹事 by Nuha Shaikh

Breaching by Emma Stout

Communion of the Coconut by Emma Stout

Devonian by Kyle Burton

How to Deprogram a Person by Emma Stout

weaver’s nightmare by Megan Amero

Lying Crooked on the Bed by Jess Kamin

thoughts of a cockroach by Jess Kamin

Gizmo by Matthew McGovern

dead fish by AJ Auston

Online Exclusive

Ironía venenosa by Evan Zigmond

MEI-LIN by Margot Durfee

Nightlight by Casey Weaver

Featured Artists

Isabel Fernandez

Juli Lin

Dana Flynn

Kyle Burton

Angela Wei

Deena Bhanarai

Irina Mengqi Wang

Davis Kurepa-Peers