Issue 5

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Table of Contents

A Demonstration by Megan Amero 

Podium by Zachary Mintz 

Museum of Stolen Wishes by Nuha Shaikh 

a biotic by Max Migdail

Fragment by Joseph Harmon 

Soliloquy by Paula Gil-Ordoñez Gomez 

Dào by Nasrin Lin 

Jump by Lauren Daukaus 

Catalogue of Searching by Isabella Urdahl 

情爱的你 by Nuha Shaikh 

yellow news by Eli Sol Strich

discount silky conditioning lotion for oily skin by Nasrin Lin

Portrait of butterflies in bloom by Isabella Urdahl 

Double Yellow by Alex Eliasen 

Futon by Matthew Mcgovern 

Learning to Love an Accident of a Hometown by Juliette Wu 

Ode to My Body Hair by Anonymous

Rainstorm by Paula Gil-Ordoñez Gomez 

Led Astray by Matthew McGovern 

My Night Sky by Alex Eliasen 

Love Denied by Jon Adams 

Pictures of Summer by Jonathan Ramirez 

our house by the waterfall by Zachary Mintz 

Featured Art by

Irina Mengqi Wang

Imaya Jeffries

Juli Lin

Angela Wei

Kaitlyn Carril

Saira Mukherjee

Deena Bhanarai