Mercury’s Emperor

by James Himberger Before him a desertCrowned in glassScratching its lifeFrom the dim beamsOf the Pleiades.Of what little comesMuch is made of it. The precipice beckons.New modes and disordersHe contemplates.A stone’s throwWill break the feet of clayAnd fell the colossusConstructed against itself. Behind the porticoStatesmen sigh, perplexed.Sprawled on the arms of clocks.When all veils are liftedThere is little that can be done. Amid the shattering … Continue reading Mercury’s Emperor

Dead Fish

by Sarah Goldstein this river, like allrivers, has at last run dryshe no longer asksif I thirst, if I wanderas she goes to fetch water these questions that, solong ago, my ears once heardthese crumbling words, flow—sink and are swallowedperhaps become fish この川はあらゆる川と同じくもう涸れてしまった水を汲む彼女もはや尋ねぬ 渇いたかさ迷えてるか飢えてるか昔聞かれた言葉が流れ魚となる Continue reading Dead Fish

To the government (or whoever masturbates to my mail),

by Anonymous Words are omnipresent, they are dictators of a population. The Mandate of Heaven, Constitution, Communist Manifesto, Magna Carta have provided a historical lineage of political leaders owning the spirit of the masses. Doomsday preachers on Houston, children in the rural villages of Yunnan, even the great grandchildren of John F Kennedy all recite the prayers of such statuesque and now nameless leaders (do … Continue reading To the government (or whoever masturbates to my mail),

Stardust Soul

by Meghan Davis Hovering nearer time and againIced planets spiraling around each otherrotating about separate axesSteady gazes remaining tetheredperipheral to the parallel trajectorycarved out beside them An alluring, inconceivable glimpse spursceremonious slowing of elliptic orbitsReversing direction, beginning to alignTimidly drawing warmer Until gravity overwhelms hesitationand celestial bodies collidein an earth-shattering explosionSending shockwaves across silent plainsMelded afterglow burning upremnants of endured solitudePiercing once empty darknesswith freckled … Continue reading Stardust Soul

Waltzing Practice

by Moumina Khan A majestic palace, a darkened stage, a cloudless sky, a blank page A clock in the background. (Tick) (And a five! Six! Seven! Eight!) Words dance and leap and twirl Spinning through sentences and pirouetting around punctuations With carefree smiles, gliding effortlessly through invisible lines Their adorning adjectives glistening: Splendid diamonds dangling off the swells of letters Verbs, their beckoning smiles gently … Continue reading Waltzing Practice