Waltzing Practice

by Moumina Khan A majestic palace, a darkened stage, a cloudless sky, a blank page A clock in the background. (Tick) (And a five! Six! Seven! Eight!) Words dance and leap and twirl Spinning through sentences and pirouetting around punctuations With carefree smiles, gliding effortlessly through invisible lines Their adorning adjectives glistening: Splendid diamonds dangling off the swells of letters Verbs, their beckoning smiles gently … Continue reading Waltzing Practice


By: Madison Reid I. My angels are nosy – – lithe bodies/prayer hair/cells of botanist’s terms – “Did we bury him beneath a Quercus or Acer or maybe another?”   II. I dreamed   a drawer held all   I’ve lost. Snow globes / long sleeves, velvet memories, baby teeth.   III.     (Days misplaced mount wings – paint heart shade, heart shape) Continue reading Recollection

Christopher and Ginny

By: Aberdeen Bird   They told me not to step on thistles but proceeded to say that we have something in common because they, too, have Scottish veins. I wish they’d take care to not step on me, either. Not from fear of being squished, but fear of impaling soft, uncalloused soles that never wander down gravel roads, barefoot in July.   I always took … Continue reading Christopher and Ginny