How To Be A Fool

by Joseph Harmon Dmitry was already on stage, and the initial shock had worn off. Now he was numb, and his face kept the anxiety airtight. When asked for a location, the crowd shouted over themselves to provide it. They were excited tonight, so Dmitry bounced in place to match their energy. He leaped into the scene.Airport! Therapist’s office! Submarine! The audience chose therapy. Anders … Continue reading How To Be A Fool

I’ll Always Do the Small Things, For You

By: Madison Reid This week I began to fill out my taxes for the first time and had to check a box to affirm that I am, in fact, not dead. That I am me, not a loved one tying up loose ends. Unfinished business, it seems, isn’t reserved for superheroes and wronged lovers; I know the same hands that knead the bread I eat … Continue reading I’ll Always Do the Small Things, For You