By: Madison Reid I. My angels are nosy – – lithe bodies/prayer hair/cells of botanist’s terms – “Did we bury him beneath a Quercus or Acer or maybe another?”   II. I dreamed   a drawer held all   I’ve lost. Snow globes / long sleeves, velvet memories, baby teeth.   III.     (Days misplaced mount wings – paint heart shade, heart shape) Continue reading Recollection

When Boys Do This

By: May Hong Content Warning You remember calling him Watermelon Head when he got a bad haircut in the second grade.   Him scribbling your Chinese name on a piece of scrap paper and you vigorously crossing it out, silent-giggling until you were both kicked out of the classroom.   Smoking your first cigarettes together at 13, behind the 7-Eleven where you threw up and … Continue reading When Boys Do This

Peroxide Brain

By: Holly Yates Content Warning I bend my arms up and inject the needle into my right pupil life is so much fun when every breath tastes of bleach does god laugh at my unmistakable, beautiful insanity as I’m hands deep in this little make-shift lobotomy? I know they’re all on the stakes again, too many saviors standing over bodies and I can’t feel where … Continue reading Peroxide Brain