Dead Fish

by Sarah Goldstein this river, like allrivers, has at last run dryshe no longer asksif I thirst, if I wanderas she goes to fetch water these questions that, solong ago, my ears once heardthese crumbling words, flow—sink and are swallowedperhaps become fish この川はあらゆる川と同じくもう涸れてしまった水を汲む彼女もはや尋ねぬ 渇いたかさ迷えてるか飢えてるか昔聞かれた言葉が流れ魚となる Continue reading Dead Fish

两半的我 (Two Halves of Me)

by Alex Eliasen 我的脑子是酸辣汤白天造成了住在嘴里的粉糖我一嚼二嚼还吞不下试吐出无吃的甜食我不禁一愣怎么回事睡甜美觉 眯着眼睛 头里战争的开幕式引起大火和闪光灯地越来热,脚烧伤在肚子里玩儿的辣椒让我肚皮成了煮锅我以为我会去世不过我心已烧死了 我慢慢地愈合但我嘴还嚼脚还烧就灰没心   Two Halves of Me(English Translation) My brain is hot and sour soupDaytime creates pink sweetness that lives in my mouthI gnaw and gnaw, but cannot swallowWhen I try to spit out the unchewable candyI can’t help but freezeWhat can I do?Fall into a slumber Close my eyes The war in my head’s opening ceremonyCreates fire and flashing … Continue reading 两半的我 (Two Halves of Me)

I am

by Sarrah Hakimjee Moonlight on a stormy night/ My mother’s hushed prayers at the brink of dawn/shoulders colored with hope/ eyes drowned in oceans of tears/ my sister’s alter ego /A home to mother-tongues, the ones that began in India and found themselves in East Africa/Blossoming frangipanis/ the essence of curiosity/ A novelty to the idea of feeling/oceans apart from my lover/ a heart mender/ … Continue reading I am


by Alexander Eliasen 整日白天变成黄昏                                       在天空你俯视着我 你是我的夜空 暗面,明星眼睛 当微笑请月回来 星座拼成你的姿体 树林和我试图碰你  我怀念一起感受黑夜 My Night Sky Each night, day surrenders to a golden dusk And you begin looking after me from above You are my night sky Face like midnight, shining star-like eyes Your smile inspires the moon’s return Constellations … Continue reading 我的夜空