by Priyanka Sinha The first Mauritian papaya of the summerWaits for me on the tree. Around it,Thin, wispy leaves dance in the breeze,Beckoning me over before the breakfast of morning birds. As my feet carry me across the grass, it seems to whisper sweet soft melodiesTelling stories of a home I had never known.My roaming fingers brush across its taut, leathery skin,Pulled tight over orange … Continue reading Roots

How To Be A Fool

by Joseph Harmon Dmitry was already on stage, and the initial shock had worn off. Now he was numb, and his face kept the anxiety airtight. When asked for a location, the crowd shouted over themselves to provide it. They were excited tonight, so Dmitry bounced in place to match their energy. He leaped into the scene.Airport! Therapist’s office! Submarine! The audience chose therapy. Anders … Continue reading How To Be A Fool

Rotten Tuesdays

by Ariel Derby Damn those rotten TuesdaysWith their smug unnoticed grinsDamn their thrifty motivesAnd their undetected sinsDamn the way each rotten TuesdayStarts with piles of bricksAnd damn the way each cruddy nightEnds with a thousand pricksDamn the morning coffeeAlways burnt yet not enoughAnd damn the way nobody ever says“You’ve got it rough”Damn the empty lunchesAlways stuffed inside a sackAnd damn the way I’m alwaysPicking up … Continue reading Rotten Tuesdays

Rochester, NY

by Ella Brady anyone cananyone?yes, anyone can draw her arms sprawled across adirty carpet, three floors up,crooked house, belly full,kitten crawling overunlocked knees, loose handspetting with blind love anyone can draw, if you just let go dipping cheapcracked brushes intomuted multitone water,sweeping unicorn tearsover crystalline canvas you don’t have to be an artist as I scrawled yesterday’s notesand a grocery listand a reminder onwhen to … Continue reading Rochester, NY


by Nuha Shaikh History will write about you in goldnot silver,Feed filigree, self-spun, into the nib of a pen andBegin. Frontline an Exodus,Open the doors, and light candles forThose lost along the way.We’ve made it.“Free at last”.On unfamiliar soil with a foreign tongue.A bridge tells me to go back home.A happenstance welcoming party;No fault of its own. I fall silent as the night slinks in.I … Continue reading Exodus