Waltzing Practice

by Moumina Khan A majestic palace, a darkened stage, a cloudless sky, a blank page A clock in the background. (Tick) (And a five! Six! Seven! Eight!) Words dance and leap and twirl Spinning through sentences and pirouetting around punctuations With carefree smiles, gliding effortlessly through invisible lines Their adorning adjectives glistening: Splendid diamonds dangling off the swells of letters Verbs, their beckoning smiles gently … Continue reading Waltzing Practice

Letter from the Editors

Future Histories Presents: Issue 4. Since stumbling upon two loquacious juniors at our first club fair in 2017, we have been floored by the opportunity to create and collaborate within the publication they inaugurated. Gone are the days of crowding around coffee-stained common room ottomans, poring over hastily stapled packets fresh off the printer. Every issue has allowed us the invaluable opportunity to improve the … Continue reading Letter from the Editors


by Josh Stone In jagged wood, rivers run tentacle armsdown meadows made in times pastremnants of Ice Giants creeping into virgin valleys,carving canyons and cliffs and all of thisdone in the silent eyes of the animals who forgenerations roam mellow meadows, grazingon tip-toe tulips by streams singing theirpitter-patter songs in rainbow spray. Rise and fall, thrive and decay, born againunder Immortal Ice Eyes, wise, Glaciers … Continue reading Glaciers


by Nina Benites meteorologists couldn’t explain why the air that day felt like saguaro spikessharp grass bounced once more in the instant, honey-soaked electricity between us two weeks later we sprawled on that same green, cautiouslyyou asked, “should I have waited?” while I traced opal hieroglyphs into your side the night before, the delicious whisper of embarrassment dustedmy cheeks, those balls of dough you used … Continue reading lavender

Learning to Love an Accident of a Hometown

April 16, 2019 Modern Shenzhen, modern in a post-Deng,Post-technological boom sense, is only aFew years my elder. Growing up, I watchedThe evisceration of a “fishing village” and itsInfantile self-sufficiency a TranscendentalistWould think bucolic or picturesque, you know,Despite the detritus of wars and wrongs and all thatAnd I watched not a snake shed its skin butA caterpillar deliquesce in its rancid cocoon(Death as a prerequisite for … Continue reading Learning to Love an Accident of a Hometown

Veined Grids

by Nasrin Lin plastic city room for two / stay for the fireworksup to you / take the downtown express I go and lie, shoelaces untiedacross the fresh flowers / eucalyptus young from the plazatucked a letter, cursive exaggerate / someone else’s name / I tossand think a non-thought / eucalyptus aromatherapy, antiseptics or airfreshener for this room on Avenueof the Americas / released from … Continue reading Veined Grids

cyclops i

by Max Migdail to expand on beyondor retreat internal unseenrequires borders to have meaninghas such a thing been true for wildly longand where do you go once the borders are goneit becomes impossible to travel in a place were all was oneafter all is the atmosphere not simply another border passablein our quest to find ourselves we lose ourselves and risk the cycle of harmscience … Continue reading cyclops i