When Boys Do This

By: May Hong Content Warning You remember calling him Watermelon Head when he got a bad haircut in the second grade.   Him scribbling your Chinese name on a piece of scrap paper and you vigorously crossing it out, silent-giggling until you were both kicked out of the classroom.   Smoking your first cigarettes together at 13, behind the 7-Eleven where you threw up and … Continue reading When Boys Do This

Peroxide Brain

By: Holly Yates Content Warning I bend my arms up and inject the needle into my right pupil life is so much fun when every breath tastes of bleach does god laugh at my unmistakable, beautiful insanity as I’m hands deep in this little make-shift lobotomy? I know they’re all on the stakes again, too many saviors standing over bodies and I can’t feel where … Continue reading Peroxide Brain

Christopher and Ginny

By: Aberdeen Bird   They told me not to step on thistles but proceeded to say that we have something in common because they, too, have Scottish veins. I wish they’d take care to not step on me, either. Not from fear of being squished, but fear of impaling soft, uncalloused soles that never wander down gravel roads, barefoot in July.   I always took … Continue reading Christopher and Ginny

I’ll Always Do the Small Things, For You

By: Madison Reid This week I began to fill out my taxes for the first time and had to check a box to affirm that I am, in fact, not dead. That I am me, not a loved one tying up loose ends. Unfinished business, it seems, isn’t reserved for superheroes and wronged lovers; I know the same hands that knead the bread I eat … Continue reading I’ll Always Do the Small Things, For You