Emma Stout Cup your ears to listen to the blackish blue –the in, outthe echoing crack of knuckles Do three whole rotations beneath the surface,under the wavering whitebecause you can’t seem to grasp Her cordbecause the sun circles as you spin in tandem with this Earth It’s nearly time, but you don’t know that, so you ask to the blackish blue:If the only walls to … Continue reading Breaching


by Nuha Shaikh Secret Heart [English version] o my dark-eyed birdi give you once shiny treasures of faded goldand tarnished, twice loved silver this act is a language you won’t understandand i know this, but i would give you anythingto make up for the unfamiliar wordspushing their way out of your mouth o mimic mindleave me behind if you musti will watch your wings, longing … Continue reading 心腹事

两半的我 (Two Halves of Me)

by Alex Eliasen 我的脑子是酸辣汤白天造成了住在嘴里的粉糖我一嚼二嚼还吞不下试吐出无吃的甜食我不禁一愣怎么回事睡甜美觉 眯着眼睛 头里战争的开幕式引起大火和闪光灯地越来热,脚烧伤在肚子里玩儿的辣椒让我肚皮成了煮锅我以为我会去世不过我心已烧死了 我慢慢地愈合但我嘴还嚼脚还烧就灰没心   Two Halves of Me(English Translation) My brain is hot and sour soupDaytime creates pink sweetness that lives in my mouthI gnaw and gnaw, but cannot swallowWhen I try to spit out the unchewable candyI can’t help but freezeWhat can I do?Fall into a slumber Close my eyes The war in my head’s opening ceremonyCreates fire and flashing … Continue reading 两半的我 (Two Halves of Me)

Manifesto Destiny

by Ivy Lockhart Who can save america?Wiley peyote cowboy of my fevers and my sugar highs!Sexy and brooding,Conquering, cattle herdingto the reaches of the sunny landWanderlust! Wander less. Rootless!Never finding that roadside diner and diet sodaand pretty waitress and farmers daughterand chieftains daughter and brothel mother.Lonesome! Oh so very lonesome!Lone wolves on such pure and virginal landEvolve with us! Rats of the fake philosophizing,bourgeoisifying, mystical … Continue reading Manifesto Destiny

Post-outbreak confessional, January 27th, 2020

by Blane Zhu “Do You Have a Home? Do You Feel Warmth? Do You Know How To Care For Your Family?” As I write this, entire cities in China are in lockdown.People are trapped and unable to reunite with their parents.Schools close. Markets close. Trains stop. Airplanes stored away. Only things that are open:Hospitals.The constant flow of information between face masks.My mouth. Mother’s wordsStrike me … Continue reading Post-outbreak confessional, January 27th, 2020

don’t say ocean, say unending blue

by Alice Hickson  puddles breakinto streams forging theirpath down the driveway andabsence bores through me we lie in mid morning twilightsnowflakes jump from the windowsillto the rooftop andI beg you don’t say absence say abyssit’s not a hole it’s a valleyfor empty wordsto echo off and my fingers are blistered from carryingthese memories and runningacross the faded fissures of a mapmeasuring the distance between uswhat … Continue reading don’t say ocean, say unending blue

I am

by Sarrah Hakimjee Moonlight on a stormy night/ My mother’s hushed prayers at the brink of dawn/shoulders colored with hope/ eyes drowned in oceans of tears/ my sister’s alter ego /A home to mother-tongues, the ones that began in India and found themselves in East Africa/Blossoming frangipanis/ the essence of curiosity/ A novelty to the idea of feeling/oceans apart from my lover/ a heart mender/ … Continue reading I am