Future Histories is the premiere literary magazine at Tufts University. We publish semi-annual issues, in print and online, to showcase the creative writing, studio art, and photography of Tufts students. For more details about what we accept for publication, refer to our Submissions page.

Our publication is intent on showcasing a diverse body of works from a range of backgrounds, and amplifying the voices of the unheard. For the marginalized, the homogenous narrative of the western literary canon represents erasure and oppression. We hope to play a role in rewriting the future of that canon, to deliberately craft what that creative history will look like, in a way that is inclusive and uplifting.

We hope to give Tufts writers and artists a megaphone in which they may yell art, an energized space to connect and collaborate, and an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the submissions process. To read more about what inspired the creation of Future Histories and our vision, check out our interview with the Tufts Daily.

Auxiliary publications

While we are primarily a semi-annual literary magazine, we are also interested in publishing larger and more experimental works as side-issues throughout the year. This platform is intended for students who have created ambitious personal projects for which they seek a larger audience. We imagine all sorts of creations finding their home here, from experimental films to hyperlink choose-your-own-adventures; from artful video games to one-issue magazines; from novellas to anthologies of non-English poetry. If you have a completed project which you think may fit, please reach out to us at futurehistorieslit@gmail.com. If your work is still in progress, contact us with a proposal.