Rotten Tuesdays

by Ariel Derby

Damn those rotten Tuesdays
With their smug unnoticed grins
Damn their thrifty motives
And their undetected sins
Damn the way each rotten Tuesday
Starts with piles of bricks
And damn the way each cruddy night
Ends with a thousand pricks
Damn the morning coffee
Always burnt yet not enough
And damn the way nobody ever says
“You’ve got it rough”
Damn the empty lunches
Always stuffed inside a sack
And damn the way I’m always
Picking up somebody’s slack.
Damn those rotten Tuesdays
Sure, they’re just a part of life
But damn the way those Tuesdays
Slash my heart out with a knife.
Damn those rotten Tuesdays
In fact, listen to my pitch
Instead of smiling fake old smiles
Let’s agree: life’s a bitch.