cyclops i

by Max Migdail

to expand on beyond
or retreat internal unseen
requires borders to have meaning
has such a thing been true for wildly long
and where do you go once the borders are gone
it becomes impossible to travel in a place were all was one
after all is the atmosphere not simply another border passable
in our quest to find ourselves we lose ourselves and risk the cycle of harm
science and measurement used as a tool of leverage to extract the optimal result
with the kilogram balanced on the French ego infringed by a brutish boorish bungering language
redefining the undefined rooted in the objective universal experience measured
through the poorly defined we find that a second has been added to our lives
a theft of death through donation of time what is it extended
life lived or loved or once before livid who knows the moon
unnamed mother does she need no greater recognition
an egg cast away he waits to be recalled
watchful eye or rejected anus
cohabitating monkeys
shouldn’t be this hard

when the crux of the high is not seeing god but rather hearing them whisper the secrets of the world
how much of the truth is external and how much is internal repetition of the experience recognized
did jane goodall see the warmth in mike collins’s eyes as he beat his booming chest
over the other monkeys by leaps and bounds the lost ideal has gone searching
for truth all expenses are purposeful and for purpose is it innate
if exnate is a sacrifice required to be the person destined
enduring freedom shouldn’t be harder than falling
into the deep cool wandering sky soaring
[cat fight audio ]
a candle extinguished can be relit a hope
not yet found or eternally known somewhere resides
turning winding curious and lost expanding and encompassing
with great power comes great canyons that build and birth the new age
what significance can up and down be given when the sun now longer hangs over
she cannot help what she is but can anyone truly or is the entire idea that of course
he might not be here anymore but we will always be somewhere because can anyone ever truly be
missing doesn’t mean not yet found but rather found elsewhere or found elswhen or found elsewhy