baby yaga’s castle

by Max Migdail

my home is coming running on chicken legs
confessed brother lobster
scuttling and clucking and mucking and running
all the way to your porch
assured brother lobster
soon we shall be neighbors
my door to yours
in under five seconds
said brother lobster
for we are a very long-lived people
us lobsters
never seen one die have you
goaded brother lobster
i’ll still be here when the renovations are done
and i can crawl and pulse wherever I want
and i won’t be the only one in the pot
but you’ll still be here too I suppose
rambled brother lobster
don’t worry
i won’t be too much a bother
chuckled brother lobster
won’t be asking for sugar
or inviting you to church
just the occasional barbeque
hop over the fence and take a dip
good and neighborly
more than you’ve ever been
promised brother lobster

i just nodded