By: Hannah Kahn


When you leave me, I will try to remember your face in pieces.

I can only hope it will elude me in its entirety,

At least translucent im my viscous memory,

A vision of your visage dipped in sweet, sweet honey.

But I’m sure certain parts will come back to me:

The corners of your raspberry lips dripping with golden laughter,

The black curl of your hair flitted with backlit sun

And your bright eyes flicked with amber light

When they held my gaze on sticky city nights.

But honey, if I’m lucky,

Lucky like I am with you,

I will only remember your face in pieces.

The same way I shield my eyes from blazingly bright sky

To let in finger-filtered specks of finger-licking light,

Looking at you now I already know,

It will be far too painful to picture you whole.

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